Saturday, October 6, 2007

Love What You Do

Why Hairdressing Is A Cut Above Others
Updated: 09:24, Monday August 06, 2007
Being a hairdresser is one of the most satisfying modern jobs, a survey has revealed. The muchmaligned trade has come second in a list of 81 occupations assessed for job satisfaction.

But snipping sideburns and creating quiffs was not quite as satisfying as being a corporate manager or a senior official, which came top of the chart. The majority of jobs featured in the top 10 were management positions, the survey published in the Industrial Relations Journal found.
But teaching rose dramatically from its previous position of 54th most satisfying profession in 1999 to take the 11th spot in the new chart. Journalists and media professionals were in 50th position, with legal professions, such as lawyers, at 44. Health professionals, such as doctors, were in 13th place, while welders dropped to near the bottom of the pile, in 80th. The survey found that workers who were well paid, had supportive colleagues and were able to express themselves on the job were those most satisfied with their professions.

The research was carried out by the University of Bath, using figures provided by the Department of Trade & Industry's Workplace Employment Relations survey of 2004-2005.
Careers in household services, childcare, secretarial services and leisure and travel services have all proved less satisfying since the last survey. Professor Michael Rose, who conducted the research, said: "These are all occupations in which women heavily predominate, confirming a long term trend towards lower women's job satisfaction. "Job satisfaction among skilled construction workers, an almost exclusively male group of occupations, also fell sharply in recent years."

The Ten Most Satisfying Jobs:
1. Corporate Managers and Senior Officials
2. Hairdressers and Related Occupations
3. Health and Social Service Managers
4. Personal Services Occupations
5. Managers in Distribution, Storage and Retailing
6. Production Managers
7. Managers and Proprietors in other Service Industries
8. Sports and Fitness Occupations
9. Functional Managers
10. Artistic and Literary Occupations.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thought for the day...

We all want to be successful, but are we willing to do what it takes to achieve it?

Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Erma Bombeck said " When I stand before God at the end of my life I would hope that I would have not a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me."

Just a thought...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Virginia Cosmetology Teacher of theYear

Students and Teacher Honored

The Virginia Association of Cosmetology Schools annual convention and seminar met recently with educators and school owners in Virginia. Staunton School of Cosmetology was honored with the following awards.

In the competition for “Teacher of the Year” Staunton School’s Gail Lyle was honored with this award.

In the “Fantasy competition” Jessica Fortune was awarded First place.

In the Evening “Up-Do” competition Jessica Fortune was awarded second place.

In the Fantasy competition DeAnna Westcott was awarded second place.

Jennifer Beckner and Rebecca Burner were awarded certificates of excellence.

Monday, July 30, 2007

America is the best Country on Earth

It is the best country on earth. And I'm in the perfect mood to tell anyone who disagrees with me what a complete moron they are. So here I go.

First, I've got something to say to the snooty elitists who think Europe is better. If Europe is so wonderful, why is there a waiting list for Europeans who want to come here? Let's see there's France, where it's acceptable for a married father to commit adultery with a 13-year-old, it's OK to hide convicted murders like Ira Einhorn, and bathing is optional. Or England, where I hear they just discovered the toothbrush. And there's always Germany, where the youth has turned to the comfort of Neo-Nazi groups, since the old people tax them to death and won't let them get jobs. How about Austria, where real Nazis can still get elected? And if you really want to get into the heart of Europe, you could dodge bullets in Bosnia. That's a real treat. In fact, except for some cool mountains, Europe has nothing desirable. They are an old bunch of self-worshipping nationalist bores living in the past with a bleak socialist future. Yeah ...Europe is wonderful.

America was founded with the idea of being better than Europe. Frankly, we succeeded. Then there's the Far East, where you either get a bunch of stiff-heads who worship money like it is God, or a bunch of maoists who try to kill God in order to forget about money. The Japanese are so blindly rigid they would instantly kill themselves if their government ordered them. Vietnam killed off 20% of its people over 50 years for the right to live in abject poverty. The Chinese save that gut-wrenching decision and kill their citizens if they dare disagree. I remember all those hippies in the 60's who tried to convince me of the superiority of Eastern philosophy. All I know is they eat a bowl of rice every day. I eat steak. India actually has religious and governmentally instituted racism. Australia? Yeah ... give me a country where sheep out number the people 50-1, and I'll show you a lonely, lonely country. Sweden? You mean the country with no daylight, high temperature of 25 degrees below zero and a 70% tax rate?

I'll pass. How about that wonderful Middle Easter culture, where they haven't stopped hating each other for 5,000 years, and men can beat their wives at will? Those South American countries are a real treat, with their cocaine-sponsored governments, rampant corruption, and president-du-jour. Newly free South Africa has the highest known crime rate on earth. The Dutch kill you if you get too old. China kills you if you are too many. Somalia kills you...just for no damned good reason.

To the Hollywood stars who never seem to stop complaining, I recommend you practice your craft in say, Iraq. Or Iran. They have a unique view of "artistic expression." It cracks me up when American commies rave about the wonders of socialism across the world. You ever see a fat Cuban? Or a chubby North Korean? Move there, and you'll get into that size 2 dress in no time. And Canada offers a miserable socialized medicine system that lets everyone get sick equally. At least Russia had the sense to blow off communism, except they now embraced Rule of Mafia.

And for you Black Nationalist/separatists/knuckleheads? Oh, please ... take off your dashiki and tell us tall tales about Mother Africa, where today you find the most intense racism and legalized slavery on earth. Africans all over the continent kill each other like we toss away a gum wrapper. They are 100% nuts. Even goofier are the new black American intellectuals and their fascination with communism. I thought we solved the issue of slavery a hundred years ago. Yet they hurry to trade slavery to the state in place of slavery to the individual. And stop blaming white people for slavery. African tribal chiefs were selling their people to the slave traders, you fools. To anyone who sings the praises of how wonderful Africa is, you arenot Black Nationalists, or Black Freedom Fighters, or Black Intellectuals. You are Black idiots. White people are just as dumb. We get all teary-eyed when we watch a teen-age girl on Sally Jesse complaining that her mom doesn't let her go to the mall on Friday nights. And we bitch for an hour if we don't get the latest Beanie Baby. Who buys Beanie Baby's in Bangladesh? Nobody on this planet has it better than white Americans.
Seriously, are we that stupid? And while I'm at it, Americans should stop bitching about immigration. Anyone who comes here to work hard can be my neighbor. And anyone who doesn't want to work could do us all a favor and get out. Immigrants come to this country because their country sucks and they want to work hard, build a new life, and give their children something better. What the hell is wrong with that? An American can be a complete moron and still live better than most of the world. We certainly prove that every day. Americans don't vote, don't get involved, and don't care. Then, when things get screwed up, we cry, "Something's wrong with our country!" No, stupid. Our county is fine. But something is wrong with you. You didn't get involved. Americans should wake up, realize how great we have it, and start taking better care of our democracy. We should also get back to believing we have the best nation on Earth, where freedom is a right, not a privilege granted by some DNA-addled goof sitting on a throne. Yeah ...the grass is always greener for the fools who've never been on the other side of the fence. Those who lived there will tell you the real story. They do anything to get here, including paddling a raft, stowing away for three months on a stinking boat, running across a river or hiding in a truck. It's time all you chumps who think things are better somewhere else owned up to this simple fact: Other countries suck. Nothing is wrong with our country. And if anyone says different, smack 'em upside the head. We just have to wake up. America may not be perfect, but we are easily the best place on earth. America ... I LOVE IT. If you can find a better place, then go there.